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Why interior cleaning and detailing is important?

Retains Your Car’s Resale Value

Previously, car ownership used to be a long-term commitment. However, recently things have changed as now people like to change their cars regularly to upgrade to the latest and newest technology. Due to this, our vehicles have become more of an asset than a liability, ensuring that you take good care of your vehicle will help you achieve a good resale value.

Moreover, scratches, stains, scrapes, and bad odors all can have a significant impact on your car’s resale value. Interior car detailing can help avoid that. Keeping your car clean from the inside and outside will limit the damage caused by dirt and grime.

Helps Remove The Toughest Stains

Car interiors put up with a lot of wear and tear over time. Whether your pet’s hair or morning coffee spills make your car seats look dirty, it is crucial to remove them so they don’t become a permanent part of your vehicle’s interior. Regularly cleaning such stains and debris is vital to prevent your leather or fabric seats from cracking and other damage in the future.

There are plenty of products in the market that can help you detail your car seats, carpets, windows, doors, and dash panels. For the best results, it is important to choose the right product for the right purpose. Use an all-purpose cleaner to remove stubborn stains and blemishes from your vehicle’s leather and vinyl seats, carpet, or door panels, and dashes.

Helps Disinfect Vehicle Surfaces

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking the world by storm these days, we must ensure that we disinfect commonly used materials around us. This includes the interior of our vehicles. The places inside our car that can easily transmit germs like coronavirus from one person to another include;

  • the stereo button,
  • the ignition,
  • the steering wheel,
  • safety belts,
  • car seats,
  • glove compartment box, and other such things that you touch

To minimize this transmission of germs, we must keep our vehicles disinfected. Use  high-quality microfiber cloth dampened with water and soap to wipe down hard surfaces. 70% or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol is best to disinfect all kinds of surfaces.

Improves Your Driving Experience

If your windows and windshield are covered with dirt from the inside, they’ll affect not only your overall driving experience but will also affect your ability to see clearly through them. This can prove to be dangerous in many situations. For this reason, cleaning the exterior and the interior of these surfaces is critical for better visibility and an overall safe and improved driving experience.

Helps Keep Health Issues At Bay

The enclosed environment inside our car can hold many germs, bacterias, and allergens. If you don’t regularly clean your car’s inside, these germs can impact your health and may even cause severe allergic reactions. Getting your car detailed with the right products can help you avoid allergies and other such issues caused by low indoor air quality.

car deatiling
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Why you should consider upholstery for your car?

The Material Of Your Seats Is Bubbling

Bubbling is a term that may sound strange when discussing cars and the interiors, but it is the term used to describe what happens when your vehicle’s seats have stretched. This causes the material around your car seats to bubble and become loose, lifting from the place of issue, moving with you as you move around the car seat, and generally make the interior of the car look worn and old. 

Depending on how bad the bubbling is with the material on your car’s seats and interior, it is possible to have the material stretched as a way of fixing it. Should this not be the case the best option you have when this happens is choosing a re-upholstery service, this means you can have your car seats put back to their original condition. 

Lingering Smells & Odors

Anyone who says they have never spilt anything in their car is not telling the truth, whether it is a splash of coffee or your children have spilt milk or juice, the interior of a car goes through a vast amount of spillage over its lifespan. One thing to consider after some time of having your car is whether the seats and fabric are starting to smell. Once you realise your car has a lingering smell or odour it can be really tough to get rid of it. Generally, no amount of cleaning and car valeting can help remove a smell once it is set into the fabric of your car.

Odours are incredibly difficult to remove from fabric, whether it is smoke from cigarettes, food spillages or pet smells, one of the only ways you can truly get rid of the smell is by reupholstering your car. Not only will this get rid of the smell but it will also remove any toxins or bacteria from the fabric and leave you with a fresh-smelling, brand new feeling car.  

Your Seats Have Become Stained

Along with odours getting trapped in the fabric inside your car, you will more than likely end up with stains on the fabric as well. These can sometimes be incredibly difficult to get rid of and more than likely depending on what the stain is, you may never get it out of the fabric once it has happened. Stained leather is one of the biggest problems, you can’t use traditional cleaning methods on leather and you absolutely cannot scrub a stain out of leather, which will only damage the leather further. 

There is a range of things that can stain the interior of your car, very similar to those that can cause odours such as; muddy pet paws, spilt drinks, spilt food, pens from children in the back and so many other things. Instead of living with stained car seats until the next time, you buy a new car, why don’t you consider getting your car upholstered? This is a great way to get your car back to its former glory without having to buy a brand new car, saving money and also waste. 

General Wear & Tear Issues

Finally one of the main reasons you should consider having your car reupholstered is that the interior of a car is the same as any fabric, it won’t last forever. When your interior starts to get worn down and past its prime, you should consider opting for a car re-upholstery service, this will not only make your car more pleasant for you to drive, it will also help with the resale value should you ever want to sell your car on. 

When you get your car reupholstered you are giving yourself the chance to get your car back in its original condition, this removes any wear and tear problems over the years. Ripped fabric, cracked leather, stains, marks and anything else that has happened over the years.

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Why and How Dashboard Cracks Appear?

Automobile dashboards are composed of several layers of plastics. The top layer in older automobile dashboards is usually made from polyvinyl chloride, commonly called PVC. PVC can crack after a few years of exposure to sunlight and heat if not properly maintained and protected. The dashboards of older cars, especially classics, tend to become brittle and crack after many years of exposure to the sun.

1. Ultraviolet Light

The most common cause of dashboard cracks is exposure to ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light is harmful to the chemical components of plastics such as PVC. Over time, ultraviolet light can evaporate oils and break down the plastic molecules. If regularly exposed to ultraviolet light, the dashboard plastic will become dry and crack.

2. Heat

Extended exposure to heat, such as parking the car in the open and exposing the dash to sunlight through the windshield, can break down the chemical molecules in the dashboard. The interior of a car can exceed 100 F on a sunny day after about one hour of exposure. Dashboards that have a dry, dusty or powdery appearance have been damaged by heat and ultraviolet light.

3. Repairs

Small cracks can be repaired. The entire dashboard must be replaced if the cracks are deep and long. The dashboard should be replaced if the cracks have a spider web appearance. Filling the crack with silicon or using a dashboard crack repair kit, available at most auto parts stores, is a temporary fix. The crack will probably reappear in a couple of years, especially if the dashboard is exposed to heat and sunlight.

4. Prevention

Prevent cracks in a dashboard by protecting it from ultraviolet light and extreme heat. Park the car inside a garage or in a shady location. Use a windshield screen or a car cover year-round to block sunlight and prevent damage. Apply a moisturizing treatment to the dashboard to prevent the PVC from drying out. Select a treatment that contains a sunscreen to block ultraviolet light.